Guardian Angels

The SMH Foundation Guardian Angel program allows a patient to recognize an employee/caregiver that made a difference during their stay at the hospital.

When a donation is made in honor of an SMH caregiver, be it a physician, nurse, housekeeper or even a volunteer, the recipient receives a Guardian Angel pin to wear, along with a thank you card from the donor.

Marilyn was a patient at SMH and truly felt cared for by Bethany, her nurse.  When she had to be admitted a second time, Marilyn specifically requested Bethany take care of her during her recovery.  Marilyn made a donation to the SMH Foundation in Bethany's name, and awarded Bethany a Guardian Angel pin to show her appreciation.

One Angel's Story:

Genevieve was an elderly patient at SMH, a stroke victim whose life was slipping away. Her state of mind matched the failure of her body to respond to commands, and she wanted to be alone in her hospital room. While family members were constantly by her side, they could tell that she was deeply saddened by her predicament.

A housekeeper named Annie had a voice like an angel, and sometimes she sang while she worked. One morning the family noticed that Genevieve's eyes were wide, her crooked smile had reappeared and she was listening. Annie was cleaning Genevieve's room, and seeing her reaction, moved closer to the bed to sing directly to Genevieve. The family was amazed by her new attitude, and was grateful to Annie. Her daily visits ultimately encouraged Genevieve's recovery.

"I was moved when one of my patients made a Guardian Angel contribution in my name. I wear my Guardian Angel pin to work every day, and have even kept the ‘Thank You’ notice that came with it.”
 Cheryl Park, Clinical Director



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